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Electronic Document Management

  • Solutions for electronic archiving of all types of documents such as papers, emails, videos etc
  • Solutions for electronic search and retrieval of all archived documents
  • Improving office processes through workflow solutions

Launch of ItradeNigeria ERP

Our company recently released into the market, the first international trade software in the country that will enable importing/exporting companies to better administer all their international trade transactions.

With ItradeNigeria ERP, information about the following is kept at your fingertip.

  1. Volume of Letter of Credit
  2. Outstanding Unconfirmed Letter of Credit
  3. Volume of Usance
  4. Letter of Credit Reconciliation
  5. Expected Shipping Document
  6. Shipping Document with Discrepancies
  7. Shipping Documents with No Risk Assessment Report
  8. Risk Assessment Report with No Import Duty Payment
  9. Projections on:
    1. Import Duty to be paid
    2. Usance Maturity
    3. Expected Forex Requests
    4. Etc
    5. Unutilised Fund projection
    6. Management and Treasury Reports
    7. And much more

ItradeNigeria ERP consolidates all these reports from all the banks and makes it easier for any importer/exporters to track.

With the launch of ItradeNigeria ERP into Nigerian market, the headache and challenges of tracking and monitoring of international transactions is a now a thing of the past.

Kindly visit our Demo site on  with the following log in details: demouser as username and password as password.

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